Thrifting Thursdays!

For all of our lovely ladies who lunch, brunch and thrift shopping isn’t just a past time, it’s a way of life. I can speak for myself (and I’m sure many of y’all out there) when I say nothing gives me greater pleasure than finding something reminiscent of designer and runway pieces at a fraction of the price. Thrift shopping takes time, patience, knowledge, and honest friends to fully take advantage of your day. It is not an easy task but trust me when I say, it is well worth it! Here’s a peek into my Thrifting Thursdays!!

First stop must always be breakfast; trust me, shopping on an empty stomach is no fun! One of my favorite places that everyone should go to is The Guenther House. It’s nestled in the King William district right across from Blue Star Art Gallery.

The quiet ambiance and character of the house makes you feel as if you aren’t even in San Antonio! If its nice enough, definitely sit outside. I opted for coffee (obviously) and their famous tacos to cure my hunger.



Before you head into thrifting heaven, be sure to map out exactly the places you want to check out. That way you can take full advantage of your day since a lot of thrift stores do tend to close early. Another piece of advice is try not to dress in too many layers! Dress as casually cute as possible. Remember, you’ll be changing a lot or trying clothes over what you’re wearing so minimal layers will be easiest. I chose my Missoni for Target skirt (from the kids section!), a blousy black top, and red pointy toe flats. Victoria had on a great dress she found at Target for only $10 and that can easily be transitioned into fall. Katherine chose a silky tank, denim cutoffs and a cross-body with leopard details, very basic and chic.

So our first stop was the Salvation Army! This is definitely one of the places you have to have ALOT of patience. Dig around, look on every rack, and don’t let the odd assortment of people scare you away. And on Wednesdays, everything is half off! We ventured to the one downtown conveniently next to Guenther House.



Here are some of my finds!

Black and white peplum top (V found one in blue and black…twinsies!), classic white button up with a twist, and puffy vest! All necessary.
Next stop was the Assistance League of SA. It’s a hidden gem in the thrifting world. Lots of awesome blazers, jackets and sweater and at amazing prices! I found this ADORABLE sweater (very JCrew) for only $4!


“Bee” Happy! Adorbs. Next stop was Buffalo Exhange. Here prices are a bit steeper but it’s you can definitely find some great pieces. I’ve found a Chanel dress, Oscar De La Renta dress, and Stubbs and Wooten slippers to name a few. I didn’t have the greatest luck this go around but I did find a sister sweater to the bee sweater, except owls! Obviously I had to get it.

By this time, we were all a bit tired so we stopped for coffee and a snack at Olmos Perk. If you haven’t been here, this is also a place you must check out. Great little coffee shop and bistro.



(Best friend alert! Hey Jess, lookin’ mighty cute there.)
After that, we headed to Goodwill. Similar to Salvation Army, you need lots of patience. We checked out the one downtown. A little hint is to park behind it and if you buy something for a least $3, you won’t have to pay. Just be sure not to be there for longer than 1 hour and a half. I was able to find this amazing piece to hang my jewelry on! Only $1.99! It needs a little paint job but completely worth it. And I can never go to Goodwill without buying at least one book. That’s the bookworm in me!


It was definitely a successful Thrifting Thursday. I only spent $50! Go me! If anyone has any questions on thrift stores around SA, just let me know! And remember, “You don’t have to be rich to sparkle”.
Xoxo, T

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