Cynthia Poe Trunk Show.

When I was told we were doing a special show at Kathleen Sommers that involved local San Antonio artist and designers I was really excited. When the five for five show came around…That was five designers for five days…I was immediately in love with Cynthia Poe’s designs! I appreciated her unique choice of fabric combinations and unexpected details. Just to give you a little back history Cynthia she learned to sew by her mother at the age of nine but didn’t start designing apparel till 1999 when interest sparked by two ladies over a pair of funky knit gloves she was knitting at a car service station. She started selling her gloves in various galleries in Virginia and the rest was history. Not only is Cynthia a great designer but a sweetheart of a person here are a few pictures of her fabulous pieces I hope you enjoy. P.S. I am modeling the pieces so forgive me I don’t claim to be a great mannequin.

One-of-a-kind leather and mohair jacket, retail $500.

Side view of this jacket what a great cut!

This Chanel inspired fabric has an instant updated look with its leather sleeve, retailed at $400.

She also has some of the most beautiful hand dyed, hand knit wool pieces this one retails for $400 and looks and feels amazing.

Meet Cynthia, she’s a gem!

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